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Projects Completed

Company Director (Curstew Developments Group) - May 2013 to Present

Lead the business restructures, refinancing and strategy development for the Group of Companies. Provide advice on asset acquisitions and developments, and company reporting. Provide Governance advice and manage board meetings, minutes and compliance. Undertake a successful business sale as part of the strategic business re-positioning.

Ballarat Line Concept of Operations Assessment Report (PTV) - Concluded Nov 2015

Analysis and preparation of a Concept of Operations report to identify and define the future service and infrastructure (stations, platforms, crossing loops and stabling) requirements for the Ballarat line, including the line duplication and electrification to Melton to service the expected patronage growth to 2031. Also, the freight requirements and impacts on passenger services to 2031. The report formed the basis of the Business Case for the rail line upgrades.  


Project Manager Regional Fast Rail Passenger Information Display System (V/Line) - Concluded Aug 2014

Consultancy to Project Manage the specification and tender of the Regional Fast Rail Passenger Information Display System across 36 stations.


Project Manager Rail Operations Management Systems   (V/Line) - Concluded Aug 2014

Consultancy to Project Manage the software specification, development, testing and delivery of integrated applications for timetabling, fleet and staff management across the business.


Regional Rail Link Train Control System (V/Line) - Concluded Jun 2012

Assist in the assessment of a potential Train Control option.


Operations Performance Review (V/Line) - Completed Nov 2008

Consultancy to analyse the operational performance to understand the underlying causes of performance change and assist in redefining the Performance Regime.


Various - Risk Assessment Facilitation   (DOI, MTM and V/Line)

Facilitate Project Risk Workshops to ensure that projects were developed within Safety Management System (SMS) and follow the process provided in AS4360-2004 Risk Management standard.


Peer Review of the proposed Introduction of Passenger Services to Leongatha (Department of Infrastructure) - Completed Mar 2007

Consultancy to undertake a Peer Review of all project documentation on the re-introduction of passenger services to Leongatha and provide an assessment of the project and option recommendations. These recommendations were adopted.


Network Capacity Assessment to 2032 (Department of Infrastructure) - Completed Jan 2007

Consultancy to analyse V/Line patronage and population growth factors against train services and seat capacity to determine the number of passenger services and pathways required to 2032.


Stony Point Line Business Case Assessment (Department of Infrastructure) - Completed Aug 2005

Consultancy to provide a Business Assessment of train operations on the Stony Point line in order to reduce operating costs and improve service delivery. The assessment recommendations were adopted.


Operations Performance Review (V/Line) - Completed Apr 2005

Consultancy to analyse service performance and assist in negotiating a revised performance regime for the business.


Reintroduction of Passenger Services Project   (Department of Public Transport) - Concluded Apr 2006

Consultancy to analyse and determine the requirements for the reintroduction of passenger rail services to Mildura and Leongatha.


Regional Fast Rail Timetable (V/Line) - Completed Feb 2005

Consultancy to provide operational and timetabling expertise on the Regional Fast Train Project. Operational advice and assistance with a major market survey to determine the patronage demand to support the timetable analysis.


Economic Assessment of the Portland to Ararat Rail Line Upgrade (Port of Portland) - Completed Apr 2004

An economic feasibility study on upgrading the Portland to Ararat rail line from 19 tonne axle loads up to 25 tonne axle loads.


Coal Haulage Tenders (Freight Australia) Completed Jun 2003

Consultancy to provide operational and commercial advice on a number of coal freight haulage tenders in NSW and Queensland, which ranged from 3 to 50 million tonne per annum.


Rail Gauge Standardisation Project (Freight Australia) Concluded Dec 2002

Consultancy to assess the Victorian State Government requirements on the implementing of Rail Gauge Standardisation for approximately 1,400 kilometres of the Victorian regional broad gauge network at a cost of $196M.


Suburban Train Operation Assessment (ABN AMRO) Completed Mar 2002

Consultancy to undertake a full re-engineering assessment of the Airtrain business, which assisted Airtain to increase patronage, rationalise costs and contracts, and subsequently return a profit for the business.


Spencer Street Redevelopment Tender (ABN AMRO) - Completed Apr 2002     

Consultancy to provide strategic and operational advice to Civic Nexus in their successful tender for the $300 million redevelopment of Spencer Street Station.


National Rail/FreightCorp Sale Tender (Rail America) - Concluded Jan 2002

Consultancy to be the Bid Director responsible for the $1.2 billion tender sale of National Rail and FreightCorp for a client. This covered all financial, commercial, legal, engineering, operational and safety areas of the tender. Due diligence and bid preparation to meet government and stakeholder requirements. This also included developing Safety Accreditation Plan, Transition Plan and Business and Marketing plans.


Regional Fast Train Project   (Freight Australia) - Nov 2000 to Jul 2001

Consultancy to advise on the assessment of the Regional Fast Rail Project across four lines of the regional Victorian network.


Westrail Freight Sale Tender (Rail America) - Jul 2000 to Nov 2000

Consultancy to act as the Bid Manager responsible for tender for the Westrail Freight business.


Freight Business Development (Freight Australia) - Jul 1999 to Jul 2000

Consultancy to provide operational and strategic advice on a range of freight and passenger projects.


Vic torian Tram and Train Franchise Tender (Stagecoach & Rail America) - Nov 1998 - Jul 1999

Consultancy to act as Bid Director and advisor for the tender on all Victorian public transport franchises. This included all aspects of the tenders from concept to tender delivery.